Human-sized oviraptorid dinosaurs hatched at different times like modern-day birds, say scientists

Spectacular fossilised dinosaur eggs discovered in China expose the two-legged Oviraptorids hatch in the identical way as present day-day birds Experts fired neutrons at fossilised oviraptorid eggs to see their construction Bone construction and shell thickness of the eggs revealed how they developed  The dinosaurs developed at various speeds in […]

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Present-day By Sara Lawrence for the Daily Mail Posted: 17:01 EST, 9 January 2020 | Current: 19:52 EST, 10 January 2020 This kind of A Entertaining AGE by Kiley Reid (Bloomsbury £12.99, 320 pp) I liked this terribly deft debut, penned with wisdom, kindness and sharp humour. Established in Pennsylvania, […]

NASA sets materials on fire aboard the ISS

NASA astronauts have practically been playing with fireplace aboard the International Room Station,  as portion of experiments to identify how flames behave in space. The ‘Confined Combustion’ experiments have been executed because Xmas Eve to figure out the how fires distribute and behave in different ways in zero gravity. Due […]