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Classic Crime By Barry Turner for the Each day Mail Printed: 17:02 EST, 19 November 2020 | Up to date: 19:41 EST, 19 November 2020 THE Useless OF Winter by Nicola Upson (Faber £12.99, 230 pp) THE Useless OF Winter by Nicola Upson (Faber £12.99, 230 pp) Familiar names are […]

Zoom: seeing themselves in video calls is causing record numbers of people to seek plastic surgery

Zoom gloom: Increase of video calls that power people today to on a regular basis stare at their individual faces has led to file quantities trying to get plastic surgical treatment, review finds Surgeons from Boston described a rise in online video-phone-driven body dissatisfaction The main grievances of ‘Zoom Dysmorphia’ centre on […]

Not so jolly Jilly: Jilly Cooper made her name with accounts of domestic mishaps as a young wife

HUMOUR Concerning The Addresses by Jilly Cooper (Bantam £14.99, 222pp) Through the Sixties and Seventies, just before she wrote her raunchy bestsellers Score!, Wicked!, Bounce! and Mount!, Jilly Cooper was a well-known newspaper columnist, chronicling her residence mishaps with comedian zest. In a type copied a million periods considering the […]